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Meet Our Family

We are a small global, 3 generation, family run business of journalists, publishers and marketers spread over 3 continents.
We specialize in copy-writing and publishing of educational and business related media.

Our founder and chief editor, Martin Spring, has spent most of his career involved in and editing newspapers, magazines and specialist newsletters. His career included being the deputy Editor of the Financial Mail, then for five years Editor of its rival, the Financial Gazette. He launched the Citizen as its first Editor, which is still in daily print. He then built his very successful publishing house specializing in financial reports and magazines.

Martin pioneered personal financial journalism and subscription mail order specialist magazines in South Africa. Personal Finance, International Personal Finance and Tax Breaks paved the way to his huge success. (….)

Liz Spring is the client services manager responsible for subscriptions fulfillment and client satisfaction.

Joanna Spring, a professional teacher, is responsible for the academic division of the business specializing in English as a second language educational lesson materials. She is also responsible for the creation of the video media.

Gareth Spring, marketing and business manager, has many years experience in the corporate world of management and marketing and is responsible for the marketing side of the business.

Helga Spring is the advertising manager responsible for the advertising side of the business.

Olga Wiatrak manages the social media division, which as you already know, is extremely complex and prolific. Olga has an amazing ability to make everyday activities look glamorous and exciting.

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